Hawaii Says It Set New Tourism and Spending Records in 2015

With Hawaii it's all about an abundance of flights that makes growth possible.

Tourism Australia Introduces Chris Hemsworth as Its New Crocodile Dundee

Tonight's big reveal of Tourism Australia's new video marketing drive suggests that the bureau is losing focus of what makes the country special, devolving instead into a Bloomingdale's summer catalog.

Hawaii Is Hot and Airlines Have More Cool Ways to Get There

What's not to love about Hawaii? The extended codeshare service between JetBlue and Hawaiian will also strengthen both airlines by creating new connections from the East coast to the islands, and beyond, for travellers from the U.S. and Asia.

Larry Ellison Selling Hawaii’s Island Air to Investment Group

Hawaii needs a greater diversity of transport options between islands. New ownership may give Island what it needs to be a bigger part of this.

Australia Tourism Turns to User-Generated GoPro Films for New Year’s Eve Bash

This Tourism Australia project is a mashup of next-gen destination video marketing using GoPros, projection mapping, user-generated content, and social media influencers — and it didn't cost a lot to produce.

Hawaii Turns to Southeast Asia for a New Generation of Tourists

The ongoing succes of travel from China, Japan, and Korea is reason enough for Hawaii to keep looking towards Asia for growth.

Tourism Australia Uses Food to Drive Luxury Travel Spending

The success of Tourism Australia's culinary promotion and luxury branding is based on how the stakeholders are all aligning around the message, as much or more so than the actual travel product itself.

Tourist Bungee Jumping Provides Bright Spot in New Zealand’s Economy

Tourists are more fickle then milk, so New Zealand needs to make sure its solutions are more diverse than tying a few extra bungee cords to bridges.

Melbourne Convention Bureau CEO on Marketing a City’s Intellectual Capital

Melbourne illustrates the business potential of sharing knowledge industry networks between city governments, convention bureaus, local businesses and residents to co-create next generation conferences.