Tourists Are Helping Macau’s Casinos Bounce Back

This is certainly welcome news for Wynn and Sands, both of which have mega resort-casinos opening in Macau later this year.

Istanbul’s Deadly Airport Attacks Add to Turkey’s Mounting Tourism Woes

Over the last eight months Turkey's people and its tourism industry have been under sustained attacks. It's leadership needs help (and guidance) from the international community if it is to ease the crisis.

A Drastic Dearth of Mainland Chinese Visitors Hurts Hong Kong’s Retail Businesses

If mainland Chinese visitors aren't shopping in Hong Kong as much anymore, the big question is where are they shopping now? Here's hoping the construction of the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge will help boost tourism in Hong Kong and neighboring Macau, which has also seen its visitor numbers decline.

What’s at Stake as Shanghai Disney Brings the Magic to Mainland China

All eyes will stay on the new resort to see how Disney pulls off its entrance into a highly desirable market.

Chinese Tourists Are Staying Away From Taiwan Because Both Countries Are Playing Politics

With Taiwan being a convenient destination for Chinese travelers--the world's largest outbound market--to get to, it seems like a lose-lose for both countries as they continue to be at odds.

Disney’s Brand New Shanghai Park Is Already Expanding

Disney made sure that there was enough room around the Shanghai resort to grow and grow some more; we expect the company to take full advantage of that space over time.

Disney’s Foreign Curse Could End With $5.5 Billion China Resort

Disney is saying its new Shanghai theme park opening this month won't have the same cultural insensitivity missteps and technical issues as its previous international theme parks.

Disney Faces a Noisy Competitor as Its Shanghai Park Prepares to Open

The Disney park in Shanghai is bigger and more expensive than its local rival; time will tell which option the market prefers.

Royal Caribbean Is Bringing Robot Bartenders and Virtual Skydiving to More Cruise Passengers in Asia

Royal Caribbean was a market leader in sending new capacity to China, and continues to up the ante by sending a second brand new ship.

Turkey Hopes a TV Soap Opera Will Revive Struggling Tourism Industry

We've seen much, much worse ideas to kickstart tourism. Now if Turkey could only figure out how to get rid of its polarizing president it would have a shot at a real recovery.