Turkey’s Tourism Drop Is Dragging the Economy Down With It

What's happening in Turkey is a shame for so many reasons, not lease of which are the creativity of the country's tourism leaders as well as Turkey's incredible resources.

A High-Speed Train Between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Could Soon Be a Reality

A bullet train traveling between both countries would be a boon not only for tourism, but also for business. Having seen the positive impact high-speed trains have on tourism and economies in Asia, it makes us wonder why bullet trains haven't yet made their way to the Americas?

Turkey’s Tourism Revival Under Threat From Coup Attempt and Response

It's essential to project and then deliver on a promise of safety and security. If you do, people will return. But we are not certain the current government is capable of this.

A Billionaire Buddhist Priest and His Disciple Want to Fix Tokyo’s Hotel Shortage

Horiguchi and Inamori's approach to doing business could be a lesson for anyone in any industry: make money but make your employees, and the greater society, better for it.

Pokemon Go Glitch Is Tourism Lift for South Korean City

The fact that a simple smartphone game can drive real tourism business should inspire more developers to create similar gamification platforms.

South Korea is Worried New Missile Defense System Will Deter Chinese Tourists

With Chinese outbound travel growing so rapidly and the Chinese government actively encouraging its citizens to travel abroad, it seems unlikely that the government would restrict travel to South Korea.

Shanghai Disney’s Popularity Could Lead to More Business for Tokyo Parks

The first Disney park built outside of the United States hopes the latest will create fans who want to visit Mickey Mouse all over Asia.

Turkey Gets a Much Needed Tourism Boost From Returning Russians

A return of Russians couldn't come sooner for Turkey, despite remaining tensions. At this point Turkey would welcome use about anyone to sit resorts and attractions.

Cambodian Officials Say Tourists at Angkor Wat Need to Dress Appropriately

Regardless of where your travels take you, this is a reminder of the importance of respecting local cultures, traditions and religions.

Macau Casinos Think the Return of VIP Gamblers Could Mean a Resurgence

Macau is going where the money is with VIP gamblers but it's anyone's guess whether that will end up paying off for the city.