Chinese Travelers’ Overseas Spending Data Doesn’t Add up in the U.S., EU and Japan

Many Chinese travelers take overseas trips to buy goods and avoid taxes but it looks like that's having adverse effects on the global economy.

4 weeks ago

Shanghai Disney Is More Popular Than Expected, But the CEO Stays Mum on Numbers

The Shanghai Disney victory lap will likely continue for some time, but we'd love to see some actual numbers one of these days.

1 month ago

MSC Is Adding One More Ship to the Crowded China Market

Global cruise lines have been feeling the pressure on pricing as more competitors enter China. Still, MSC Cruises is betting that the market will be ready for a second ship from the line in 2018.

1 month ago

Japan’s Popularity as a Tourism Destination Is Making It More Expensive to Build Hotels There

Overtourism has a lot of unintended consequences. While the record tourism numbers are welcome by tourism organizations and businesses, Japan, especially Tokyo, needs to prepare itself to welcome even more travelers both in the immediate future and in time for the 2020 Olympics.

1 month ago

Universal Theme Parks Are Bound for a Long Stretch of Rapid Growth, CEO Says

NBCUniversal is expanding its theme park empire around the globe, but wisely continuing to up its game in domestic properties at the same time.

1 month ago

Turkey Had a Terrible Year for Tourism and Signs of Recovery Are Elusive

This year has set Turkey back farther than the numbers show. It's reputation has taken a huge hit and the country's leaders are making one move after another to worsen the situation.

1 month ago

Turkmenistan Has Few Tourists But an Amazing New Airport

Talk about a mixed message: Look at this beautiful airport but don't come through it.

1 month ago

Japan Hopes New Animation Character Trail Will Help Boost Tourism

Japan is going after exactly what it's known for -- anime -- to help its otherwise sluggish economy get a lift from its growing appeal as a tourist destination.

1 month ago

The Once-Hidden Buddhist Enclave Being Transformed by Tourism

We're interested to see if a Buddhist approach to tourism development can grow out of this region's shift.

1 month ago

Chinese Tourists Avoid Taiwan as Political Tensions Rise

Tourism boards hate playing politics, but when situations get extreme the smart ones speak out about what's in their best interest.

1 month ago

Singapore Has Lots of Tourists, But They’re the Wrong Kind

When your customer demo changes, there are often challenges. Singapore needs to be able to manage shifts if it wants to succeed long term.

2 months ago

Singapore Travel Warnings in Place as City-State Deals With 151 Zika Cases

Singapore is one of Asia and the world's largest travel hubs and the spike in zika cases will surely have a negative impact on tourism and the local economy in the near-term.

2 months ago