Terror Fears Are Dramatically Shifting European Tourism Habits

If trends persist, expect Spain and Portugal to post record tourism numbers for 2016.

South Africa Is Trying to Recover Its Tourism Mojo This Year

Last year's visa changes severely hurt South African tourism. A weak currency may be just what it needs to get people back.

Morocco Looks to Russia, China and Low-Cost Carriers to Increase Tourism Numbers

To distinguish itself from its neighbors and revive lagging visitor numbers from Europe, Morocco is looking to attract more travelers from Russia and China with more convenient and affordable air routes.

EgyptAir Hijacking Ended Peacefully Yet Still Delivered Blow to Egypt Tourism

Egypt doesn't have what it takes — that being a decent government — to assure visitors that it can protect them on land or in the air.

AccorHotels Moves Forward With African Expansion Despite Security Concerns

Many parts of Africa are in dire need of quality hotels and smart brands are making ambitious moves rather than playing it safe.

Death Toll in Ivory Coast Hotel Attack Now Stands at 22

Gunmen Attack Beach Hotel in Ivory Coast

Eritrea’s Capital City Is Making a Strong Push for UNESCO World Heritage Status

World Heritage status can hurt, too, if destinations don't plan properly. Eritrea's relative isolation could offer it the best of both worlds, though.

Thomas Cook Extends Its Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Travel Ban Until Fall

Thomas Cook doesn't make decisions like this lightly. It's a clear sign of the brand's dropping confidence in Egypt's leadership and the country's safety for package tourists.

Kenya Is Seeing the Benefits of Regional Cooperation for East African Tourism

Great news for Kenya, as well as its neighbors.