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Under-32 workers bring the BYO mentality to biz travel

They bugged their IT departments to let them bring iPhones, now they're bugging in-house travel teams to let them do what they want on the road, too.


Biz traveler hotel and airline costs increase in the U.S.

With more business travelers back on the road prices are inching back up to deal with the demand.

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Business travel is back, but it’s a little different this time around

Companies are managing costs better through employee profiling and more flexible agreements with agents and airlines, as well as adding apps and web tools that make the expense process easier.

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Brazil’s business travel sector will see double-digit growth in 2012

Internal travel is a steady driver of growth, but as Brazil's businesses are becoming more agressive internationally its outbound numbers are seeing 13-15% growth, too.

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PR: Westin Hotels to change business centers into group work stations

Promising everything from teleconferencing to white boards, Westin hopes to lure more business travelers and revamp its biz center offering.

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Business travel is back, but it doesn’t look like it used to

New fees, less flights, fewer upgrades, and smaller expense accounts mean that business travel -- though back -- isn't what it used to be.

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How private guides help hurried travelers make the most of their trips

Don't have much time? Leave the planning and organizing to a local tour guide.

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Cultural faux pas can doom international business deals

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Saudi Arabia saw 2.5 million business travelers in 2011

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PR: Marriott teams with Steelcase to research better meetings