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These articles explore key aspects of the industry, including travel buyers, distribution, duty of care, and loyalty programs, providing valuable insights for stakeholders and decision-makers. Travel buyers will find relevant information on the latest procurement strategies, negotiation tactics, and supplier relations, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their travel programs. In the realm of distribution, the archive covers the evolving landscape of booking channels, global distribution systems (GDS), and direct connects, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in this area. The archive also delves into the critical issue of duty of care, emphasizing the importance of traveler safety, risk management, and compliance with ever-changing regulations. Learn also how companies are leveraging loyalty programs to enhance traveler satisfaction, drive cost savings, and foster long-term relationships with suppliers.

Business Travel

Lower business travel forecasts from U.S. to Europe with economic woes

Growth in business travel, as in all sectors of travel, is outside U.S. and Europe, and even U.S. travelers spend more internationally, numbers show.

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Top 10 cities for travel tech startups

Even if you don't want to start your own company, Tnooz's list of cities reads like a top destinations list for wired travelers who want to be inspired.

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Why employees shouldn’t put up with being seated in the back of the plane

Sharkey's argument is hard to disagree with: People who spend their work life busting their hump for a company need more respect and comfort, even if that costs home office a bit more money.

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Western Africa is connecting business travelers with new opportunities

While interest in consumer goods is luring business people to western Africa, countries like China and Brazil are deeply engaged in building infrastructure.

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Will the GSA per diem change really ruin business travel?

The Power of Travel Coalition, in lodging a protest over GSA per-diem rates for federal government travel, may have gone too far in objecting to the removal of "upper upscale hotels" as part of the calculations.


Airlines hope their lousy coach experience will get fliers to upgrade

Now that airplane seats are smaller in coach, the airlines are adding more coach "plus" seats and paid upgrades at manual checkins to lure flyers to more comfortable options.

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Under-32 workers bring the BYO mentality to biz travel

They bugged their IT departments to let them bring iPhones, now they're bugging in-house travel teams to let them do what they want on the road, too.


Biz traveler hotel and airline costs increase in the U.S.

With more business travelers back on the road prices are inching back up to deal with the demand.