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These articles explore key aspects of the industry, including travel buyers, distribution, duty of care, and loyalty programs, providing valuable insights for stakeholders and decision-makers. Travel buyers will find relevant information on the latest procurement strategies, negotiation tactics, and supplier relations, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their travel programs. In the realm of distribution, the archive covers the evolving landscape of booking channels, global distribution systems (GDS), and direct connects, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in this area. The archive also delves into the critical issue of duty of care, emphasizing the importance of traveler safety, risk management, and compliance with ever-changing regulations. Learn also how companies are leveraging loyalty programs to enhance traveler satisfaction, drive cost savings, and foster long-term relationships with suppliers.

Airlines helps travelers review and compare buy-on-board meals

Perhaps it’s time travelers accept the current state of flying and reconsider groaning about buy-on-board meals if it means tastier food, larger portions, and dietary-specific options.

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Amtrak’s president thinks Congress should foot $151 billion bill for NE high-speed rail

The proposed rail network that would take business travelers from New York to D.C. in a fraction of the current time would give businesses the kind of regional mobility that Europe has enjoyed for over a decade.

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10 smart tips from a corporate travel manager that rogue travelers already know

Travel managers can provide certain perks, but smart independent travelers can get similar deals and keep all the loyalty rewards for themselves -- one reason more business travelers are going rogue.

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Virgin Australia flight crews told to stop using “mate” in business class

While it's lovely to see Richard Branson's employees getting etiquette lessons, you have to wonder why "mate" is still considered acceptable for coach class.


Companies are refusing to reimburse biz travelers for airline fees

Poor choice by corporate travel managers. An unhappy employee will likely cost a company much more than the $8.50 you didn't reimburse him for that sandwich on his last trip.

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How Hipmunk plans to take the agony out of business travel

Hipmunk business class is a smart move, although the company will find out that business travel is more than a few features and isn't "easy."

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Fare-tracker Yapta’s new CEO to target corporate market rather than consumers

Yapta's push into the corporate market is a no-brainer as it can provide a valuable service for large corporations which don't have such tools of their own.

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U.S. business travel expected to drop until year’s end

Economic instability affects both businesses who plan to cut back on travel spending and Americans who choose not to travel because they can't afford to look like they're slacking

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All the products and services Silicon Valley types use to ease biz travel

The New York Times' new travel column "The Getaway" debuts with a checklist of helpful tips and more product placement than Lucky magazine.

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Is a new GSA-type conventions scandal brewing?

The jury is out on the details of this government agency's spending practices on conventions. Still, in the wake of the GSA brouhaha, the travel spending practices of the entire government are under the microscope.