Map Happy, a news-you-can-use, consumer travel site run by co-founder and CEO Erica Ho, has joined Penske Media as part of its SHE Media network of voicey content brands, such as SheKnows, BlogHer, STYLECASTER, and Soaps.

The companies didn’t disclose the terms of the deal but Ho said it would “bring more firepower.”

Map Happy has offered travelers advice on all aspects of traveling. While primarily supported by ads and affiliate links, it has had an independent editorial streak, such as its 2017 review of why an Away suitcase disappointed a reviewer.

While the U.S.-based company has mostly been a sole proprietorship, it has stood out for being owned and led by a woman in a media market still too often dominated by male voices. Independent product reviews along the lines of a Wirecutter for travel remains in short supply, too, and Ho made sure that reviews have tended focus on questions such as “Is this useful to me when I plan my travels? Can I use this in every market I go to? Are there lots of markets covered?”

Penske has been on an acquisition tear in recent years, as the New York Times reported earlier this year.

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