With “Wisdom & Obi,” the creative team at Expedia have successfully captured the essence of travel.

Travel is all about creating lasting memories and experiences that stay with us long after the journey has ended. Travel advertising is no exception – it should seek to capture the imagination of its audience and inspire them to explore new places, try new things and create unforgettable moments. But how do travel brands achieve this? Expedia’s in-house creative team might just have the answer.

Source: Expedia.

With this campaign, Expedia has shifted its advertising approach, focussing on the compelling force of inclusive storytelling, with this latest ad showcasing the emotional connection between a father and son and exploring the universal feeling of nostalgia that travel so often creates.

By tapping into our emotions, travel brands can create narratives that resonate with audiences on a personal level, which is something the Expedia team has done very successfully with this new campaign. As the video says, “You were made to remember some days forever, we were made to help you find the best way there.”

Wisdom & Obi, Expedia.

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