Destinations should aim to reassure travelers that they’re having a positive impact, by actively promoting sustainable tourism.

That was the message from VisitScotland CEO Malcolm Roughead, speaking at the Skift Sustainable Tourism Summit on Wednesday.

He said that VisitScotland seeks to make visitors aware of the environment, encouraging them “to be part of the solution, rather than problem.”

Speaking during the “Why Industry Collaboration is Central to Driving Change” panel debate, he said that Scotland was adding more vehicle charging points around the country, so visitors know that when they travel around remote islands they won’t run out of electricity.

“We’re looking at connectivity in and around Scotland, so people feel they are contributing,” Roughead said. “It’s not about value based tourism, but values based tourism. More people want people to leave (Scotland) not just as they found it, but better, via regenerative tourism.”

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