Samsonite are aiming to reignite the spirit of adventure and celebrate the golden age of travel with their latest campaign

Created in partnership with global advertising agency Iris, ‘Travel Like Your Parents’ evokes a sense of nostalgia inspired by the genuine escapades undertaken by those who came before us.

Credit: Samsonite/Iris

Set against the sunny backdrop of Southern California, the wanderlust-inducing campaign urges today’s travelers to disconnect from our fast-paced digital world and ‘discover the magic of travel as our parents once did’. 

You can take a look at the newly released campaign video on the Samsonite YouTube channel.

“Traveling has always been a transformative experience, and we believe that the journeys our parents took were filled with a sense of wonder and discovery,” said Nicole Adriance, senior director of brand marketing at Samsonite. 

Credit: Samsonite/Iris

“Through our summer campaign, we aim to inspire travelers to tap into that same spirit and create their own remarkable memories. As a brand with over 100 years of history, we understand what made travel so special in the past and we can help our audiences understand it, too. That’s what “Travel Like Your Parents” is all about: the idea that travel is better when you take time to connect with the places you visit and the people you visit them with.”

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