Short-term rental data provider AirDNA, has acquired New York-based firm Arrivalist, a location intelligence platform for the travel industry. The deal brings both companies under Predictis, an umbrella group software and data businesses under Alpine Investors. 

The deal was funded by Alpine Investors, which recently raised $4.5 billion for its technology buyout fund. 

The acquisition will give AirDNA access to location-specific data applicable to short-term rentals. Founded in 2011, Arrivalist was among the first to use location data in the travel industry, offering insights into the way travelers interact with destinations. 

“AirDNA’s acquisition of Arrivalist represents a blueprint for continued add-on acquisitions to supplement organic growth and capitalize on derived data opportunities from adjacent data sets,” said Jean-Marc Levy, the chief executive officer of predictis.

The acquisition will offer more data services and products to destination marketing organizations (DMOs), hotels, and other clients. Cosine Group acted as the financial advisor to Arrivalist in this acquisition.

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