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Luxury Hospitality Brand Inspirato Again Risks Losing Its Nasdaq Listing

3 months ago

Just more than a month after luxury hospitality brand Inspirato executed a reverse stock split to meet Nasdaq listing requirements, the company said Friday it received a Nasdaq notice on November 27 that its market cap fell below the $15 million stock exchange minimum for the 30 days that ended a week earlier.


A property that was listed on Inspirato. Source: Inspirato

At market close in New York on Friday, Inspirato’s market cap was $14,949,000, according to Yahoo Finance, and that was just a tad lower — $51,000 — than the threshold.

“The Notice has no immediate effect on the listing or trading of the Company’s Class A Common Stock or warrants on the Nasdaq Global Market,” Inspirato stated in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, adding that it will have until May 28, 2024 to meet the requirements to keep its stock listed on Nasdaq.

The company’s market cap would have to close at $15 million or more for 10 business days in a row to get back in Nasdaq’s good graces.

“The Company is currently evaluating various courses of action to regain compliance … ,” Inspirato stated.

Inspirato, like several other companies that went public in SPAC mergers, has been struggling since its debut in mid-February 2022. It recently appointed a new CEO, but in the third quarter the company continued to burn substantial cash, and saw its revenue decline.

Short-Term Rentals

Sonder Sets Shareholder Meeting to Approve Stock Split to Stay on Nasdaq

7 months ago

Sonder shareholders will vote in a special meeting September 15 on whether to give the board approval to carry out a reverse stock split — with the split ratio subject to the board’s discretion.

Francis Davidson and Seth Borko
Sonder CEO Francis Davidson on stage with Skift Director of Research Seth Borko at the Skift Short-Term Rental Summit on June 7, 2023. Source: Skift

The idea behind the move is to keep Sonder, which went public in a special purpose acquisition company deal on January 19 2022, trading on Nasdaq after getting notified that the run might end because the share price was trading below $1 for an extended duration.

An affirmative vote seems like a done deal. The board will decide whether the split will be “1-for-10, 1-for-15, 1-for-20 or 1-for-25” etc., Sonder said in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing Wednesday.

The split will in itself will not impact the company’s market cap, which stood at a mere $125 million after Wednesday’s close.

Atreides controls 9.2% of the vote, Fidelity 7.3%, Spark Capital 6.7%, and CEO Francis Davidson 5.3%.

Plenty of SPACs had their share prices plummet after their market debuts in the last couple of years, as stock markets tired of speedy growth with accompanying large losse,s and looked for profitability. Sonder is not expected to be profitable for full year 2023.