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Europe’s Upcoming Ban on ‘Climate Neutral’ Marketing to Affect Travel Brand Greenwashing

5 months ago

The European Union is on track to ban marketing claims such as “climate neutral” by 2026 that scientifically based certification can’t validate.

Claims such as “carbon neutral,” “environmentally friendly,” and “eco” will require companies to verify their products’ merits through third-party certification schemes. 

Travel companies are among the industries that may be affected by the looming ban. For example, airlines may need to change booking interfaces that offer “climate-neutral” flights in exchange for buying carbon offsets supporting projects that lack credibility.

The rules okayed on Wednesday still need formal approval from the European Union parliament and its member states — expected in November. But it would be procedurally rare for the rules to be denied.

The move came on the same day United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said “humanity has opened the gates to hell” in its failure to stop rising carbon emissions and a forecasted increase in extreme weather.

EU press release on its climate claims rules


IDEAS: Radisson Hotel Group to Provide Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions at European Locations

8 months ago

Radisson Hotel Group has partnered with Charge Point Operator PowerGo to provide electric vehicle charging solutions at 300 hotels across Europe.

Forming part of the Hotel Group’s Green Mobility Mindset initiative, the new venture will see hotels offered the opportunity to work with PowerGo on the operation and management of the charging facilities at their locations.

A PowerGo charging station.
Credit: PowerGo

The first eight charging stations are currently being installed at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo and will be ready for use in mid-July.

With the European Commission’s 2022 agreement that all newly registered cars and vans in Europe must be zero-emission by 2035, the need for an enhanced electric vehicle charging infrastructure in locations such as hotels is crucial.

“Over 70% of clients indicate they want to choose sustainable travel options. E-mobility is becoming an essential part of the guest experience. At Radisson Hotel Group, we recognize this trend and want to be at the forefront of promoting a green mobility mindset by making responsible stays easier. The cooperation with PowerGo will help us go beyond the 700+ EV chargers currently installed in our hotels and reach our aim to equip all eligible hotels in Europe and beyond with EV charging facilities by 2025,” said Inge Huijbrechts, global SVP sustainability, security and corporate communications at Radisson Hotel Group.

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London Marathon Charges International Participants $32 Carbon Fee Tied to Travel

10 months ago

The London Marathon, set to attract 50,000 runners on Sunday, took several steps to lower its carbon footprint, including charging foreign entrants who had to travel to the city a $32 fee (26 pounds) as part of their entry applications.

A 2013 photo of Britain’s Prince Harry (left) and Richard Branson (right), the CEO of Virgin, posing on the podium with London Marathon winners on the Mall in central London. Source: Reuters

“I’d say absolutely, (sustainability) is something that has become much more important, whether it’s the participants, to sponsors, to partners,” said Kate Chapman, the London Marathon’s sustainability adviser, according to a Reuters story.

Travel has the largest environmental impact on large gatherings such as marathons, the story said.

In another environmentally friendly step, 2,500 runners chose to have trees planted instead of accepting an official race T-short.

However, the Reuters story said the medals that the London Marathon will be handing out to the thousands of runners will not be recyclable.