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Hopper Fintech Products Now Being Bought by 70 Percent of Its Ticket Bookers

5 months ago

A fascinating interview with Hopper founder and CEO Frederic Lalonde on A16Z’s Future, with a deep dive on his thinking about superapps in travel and Hopper’s potential path into becoming one. In it, a nugget that now 70 percent Hopper’s revenues are coming from their add-on fintech produces, AND 70 percent of ticket bookers through Hopper’s app and site are now adding one or more these products to their shopping cart as part of the buying process, the average being 1.7, according to Frederic.

From the interview:

“With technology, if you’re able to predict things, if you’re able to create a digital experience, in principle, you should be able to cancel out every possible risk that you face when you travel. It turns out that A) you can, and B) that almost everybody has one thing that they worry about when they travel — some people care about prices, others care about arriving on time, some people just are worried the hotel is going to suck. But nobody worries about everything going wrong. Today, at least one of these add-ons are attached to 70% of the travel transactions we sell. When customers buy them, they average 1.7 per booking.”

On his superapp-in-travel ambitions: “I believe it’s a Western anomaly that Amazon isn’t into travel, that Facebook doesn’t sell anything, and that Snapchat does no e-commerce. I think it’s because we’re used to a Western construction for older people that is slowly getting eroded. And just like QR codes, just like text, as people adopt the technologies, we’re going to become more and more Easternized.

It stands to reason that either one of the travel companies will add high-frequency purchases to what they’re doing. We’re one contender for that. Or a high-frequency app that does delivery, like Uber, will get into travel. Or one of the e-comm companies is going to get into travel. It has to end with a couple of companies that offer a lot of things, and travel is just one thing.”

Online Travel

Consumer Adoption of Buy-Now-Pay-Later In Travel Increasing Rapidly: Affirm’s Earnings

5 months ago

Affirm, the public buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) fintech company just reported its latest quarterly earnings, and some hint that BNPL is being rapidly adopted by the suppliers in travel AND increasing usage by the travelers. From the earnings call transcript: “The Travel and Ticketing segment has been outperforming expectations, and volume more than doubled year over year. Our long-term partners, Expedia, Vrbo and Priceline were all in the top 10 by volume in Q3. The quarter also marked the general availability of Affirm on American Airlines and the launch of our very first Canadian travel merchant…Travel and Ticketing increased to $390 million, up 122% from last year, topping last quarter’s high mark. With the recent easing of mask mandates and travel restrictions, we see extraordinary demand to book travel now and pay over time with Affirm. We also remain enthusiastic about consumer demand for live events.”




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