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Airlines Told to Stop Charging Adults Extra for Adjacent Seating for Children

2 years ago

The U.S. Office of Aviation Consumer Protection has issued a notice urging airlines to do “everything in their power” to ensure children aged 13 or below are seated next to an accompanying adult with no additional charge.

The U.S. Department of Transport said it continued to receive a low number of complaints from consumers about family seating, but there were complaints that involved instances where young children, even as young as 11 months, were not being seated next to an accompanying adult.

In November the office will review airline policies. If their seating policies and practices are barriers to a child sitting next to an adult family member or other accompanying adult family member, the department said it will consider additional action consistent with its authorities.

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Airbnb Launches Trust and Safety Advisory Group

2 years ago

Airbnb announced the formation of a Trust & Safety Advisory Coalition to counsel the company on human trafficking, child safety, fire safety, privacy and online safety, community safety, women’s safety, extremism and dangerous organizations, and mental health.

The advisory group members include 22 organizations ranging from Tech Against Terrorism and the National Network to End Domestic Violence to the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking.

“We know we are not the experts on important issues like fire safety, or suicide prevention, or human trafficking – bringing experts to the table makes our community and platform better,” Airbnb stated.

The advisory group’s recommendations will not be binding.