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Online Travel

Nokia Transport makes mapping easier for Windows Phone users

The Transport App helps users find the closest public transportation and, although useful, won't compete in the local travel field unless they roll it out to Android or iOS devices.


Spain’s bumps up VAT taxes in effort to ease its economic pains

It may not be smart to tax one of Spain's quickest ways to economic recovery, but luckily the costs won't affect travelers who have already booked for this season.

Media and PR

TechCrunch takes its startup roadshow to Rome this fall

Set in the Villa Borghese's Globe Theatre, Italian startups will have the chance to rub shoulders with U.S. counterparts and leaders, as well as learn what a hat tip from TC can do for a young company.


The top 10 hotel fees that everybody likes to complain about

From Wi-Fi to mandatory valet parking, these are the fees we've all complained about around the hotel pool. Fortunately, USAT also includes tips to avoiding them.


Olympics only give host’s economy a short-term boost

Goldman Sachs predicts that any boost to UK's economy in Q3 will even out in Q4. The intangible benefits of hosting, though, may be tempered this year by banking scandals and the UK's general sluggishness.


Why Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and Freedom class ships are some of the most fit ships at sea

Cruises now tailor some itineraries for athletes and gym rats, so Cruise Critic has turned their expert and user lenses to rank lines based on facilities, activities, and healthy cuisine.


Sweden is so good at recycling it has to import trash from its neighbors

The rest of Europe could learn from Sweden's efficient recycling and waste-to-energy programs, or they can continue to sell their trash for profit. Here's one idea to fix the European crisis.

Rental Cars

Video: DOT shuts down 26 cheap, fast, potentially dangerous bus companies

The majority of companies were "Chinatown buses" shut down for not screening drivers for commercial licenses or drug use, but those things didn't matter to the many passengers who happily paid less than $5 for common city-to-city routes.