Jason Clampet

Jason is the co-founder and Head of Content at Skift. Jason has always enjoyed telling people where to go. As a student he worked in the study abroad office before actually studying abroad in Bulgaria, and after college he worked as an agent for Council Travel to supplement his meager income as Philadelphia Weekly freelancer. After a failed Berlitz gig in Bratislava, Jason returned to Philly and worked first at the Associated Press and then as a launch editor for a young website called Citysearch. He stuck with the local guide through acquisitions and layoffs until the latter got him and he headed to Ensenada, Mexico to write a book for the Rough Guide series. After a few years bouncing between Mexico, France, and Tokyo, he joined Frommers.com where he managed all the site's original content, edited Arthur Frommer's blog, helped build new products, and acted as a media spokesperson for the brand. Jason is widely quoted as a travel industry expert, and his advice has appeared in print, web, and broadcast in places such as CNN, The New York Times, The Associated Press, NPR, Forbes, Fortune, The Los Angeles Times, The Toronto Star, The Travel Channel and others. Jason has an infrequently updated personal blog called JasonClampet.com. He can be found on LinkedIn, Google + and Twitter at @jasonclampet. Subscribe to Jason Clampet's RSS feed</a Connect with the author via: Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

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Wolfsburg, Germany tests the notion of car towns as 21st-century theme parks

What even high-flying auto towns in Germany and China can learn from the lessons of Detroit, and what the Motor City can learn from how other cities have successfully reinvented themselves.

Online Travel

Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet device selling out quickly

A tablet in the pocket is better than a giant one on a street corner. Still, when will data or Wi-Fi access get to the point where users don't have to care where they log in from.


US sees double-digit increase in inbound tourism

The numbers don't break down visitors by home country, but any hospitality pro will tell you they've been hearing plenty of Brazilian-accented Portuguese this year.

Online Travel

How Android users get access to over 10,000 indoor maps

Google's indoor initiative has now gone beyond large museums and notable points of interest to office buildings that don't mind showing where the coffee maker is hidden -- just so long as you're using an Android device.

Business Travel

All the products and services Silicon Valley types use to ease biz travel

TheĀ New York Times' new travel column "The Getaway" debuts with a checklist of helpful tips and more product placement thanĀ Lucky magazine.


Visit Britain’s summer staycation push for Brits undone by truly awful weather

A stronger pound and bargains in destinations like Greece are two more reasons why outbound tourism from Britain is up this year, despite campaigns to get people to enjoy "staycations."


Hotels on edge while waiting for the GSA to set new per diem rates

Everyone wants the government to cut spending unless it effects them. The GSA should be able to set rates so that government employees are in line with everyone else without grandstanding politicians making a fuss about over spending.


UK border officers at Heathrow are missing possible security threats

Normal training for a border officer is six to eight weeks, yet new staff managing desks are coming in with a day under their belts. When you layer on top the ambitious incompetence of the Home Office's political appointees, you've got a real mess on your hands.


Waikiki residents take on the city’s rodent menace by themselves

Paradise isn't supposed to have rats. Hotels and resorts should consider teaming up to eradicate Waikiki's problem; who knows what wide ranging cooperation could do for the industry.

Media and PR

Burson-Marsteller lands a $3 million Nevada state tourism account

Burson-Marsteller is able to sell the most challenging destinations, so it shouldn't be too tough to continue selling people on the promise that Vegas is going to get them a little closer to their dreams.