Portable GPS units enlist social media to compete with smartphone navigation

Will drivers want to purchase portable GPS units when they already have navigation apps on their smartphones? Doubt it.

Beijing car rental startup brings in new funding thanks to taxi-finding app

It seems like taxi-hailing apps are controversial and disruptive in China, too, with authorities mulling a crackdown because of surcharges/fees. Perhaps Yongche would find a more receptive environment in New York City, where things are starting to loosen up for taxi apps.

Alcohol-free resort opens along Egypt’s Red Sea: Will more dry hotels follow?

There's a difference between being sensitive to local concerns and pandering to least common denominator. After years of political repression, Egyptians are having trouble telling the difference between the two.

China’s travel restrictions on Tibet eased, as tours ready to restart

Individual travel is still no-go, but group tours are going to restart soon. Meanwhile, Chinese suppression in Tibet remains a looming reality.

Greece hotels expect 2013 to be a lot better, after bad 2012

The only way is up, after the last few years, and even if Greece still has tough years ahead, other Euro nations in deeper trouble are stealing the bad headlines, which helps.

Orlando could be next U.S. city to roll out bike share program

Similar to New York, bike-sharing systems offer an attractive transit option for the cities’ large tourism population, making it an investment that benefits locals and visitors alike.

Wisconsin politicians debate merits of attractive bridge design

The discussion all comes down to money, but the majority of stakeholders agree that attractive design boosts local support for government spending and bolsters the state’s tourism economy.

Colombia tourism’s new campaign inspired by Nobel Prize-winning novelist

Colombia’s had a history of poorly chosen tourism slogans with a viral social campaign doing more to spread a positive image of the country in recent months. Lucky for Colombia, tourism continues to climb without the catchphrase.

Royal Caribbean’s new ship: Skydiving, bumper cars and virtual balconies

Royal Caribbean’s surprising port announcement was likely motivated by Norwegian’s arrival in New York City this May, and fueled with hopes of capturing a new market of cruisers from the Northeast Corridor.