Register Now for a Webinar on “The Rise of the Silent Traveler”

If the hospitality – the actual human to human interaction – part of the travel industry becomes less and less important, how does the industry define itself? How does it understand the needs of its customers and fulfill them?

Making Business Travel More Personal for Next-Gen Business Travelers

Exploring the destination is the top cited reason to turn a business trip into a vacation.

The New Amenities Hotels Should Offer Business Travelers

Today’s road warrior prizes efficiency and looks for technology-driven perks like free WiFi when choosing a place to stay. Hotels would be wise to listen up.

3 Ways to Guarantee Your Next Business Trip Won’t Be All Work and No Play

Some business travelers just want to have a little fun. After all, the stuffy conference room isn’t for everyone. After a long day of meetings, shouldn’t the last thing on the agenda be poolside drinks on a rooftop?

Free WiFi Tops Business Travelers’ List of Hotel Must-Haves

The business travelers have spoken, are you listening?

3 Reasons Travelers Should Be Excited About Airline Merchandising Trends

Much as the travel industry talks about a utopian vision of the digital future of travel, consumers still want the best fares when it comes to online travel, now and in the future. And they want it without having to hunt on dozens of sites, like now. Is the travel industry listening?

Why You Should Consider Hotel Loyalty Programs

For travelers needing one foot in the frequent flier world, hotels are teaming up with airlines and offering so-called crossover rewards. Enrollees in such programs enjoy status at both the hotel or airline affiliated with the program.

Why Risk Management Is Essential to Your Business Travel Success

In today’s volatile world, risk management in business travel is more important than ever. Organizations have a duty of care for their employees, but they need help to meet it. The solution is a travel management company who understands the high-touch service, preparation, and proactivity required to keep everyone at all levels of the travel program safe and well.

How To Maximize Your Hotel Loyalty Rewards

Today, frequent flier miles get you only so far. Instead, focus on redeeming your business travel hotel points when vacationing with family or friends.

A Modern Business Traveler’s Plea to the Corporate Travel World

The innovative technology that today’s business traveler demands will continue to be easier to deliver. Cutting-edge organizations are pursuing relationships with travel management companies who understand the importance of high-touch customer service at all levels of the corporate travel program.