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JetBlue rebuffs American Airlines with merger aversion

JetBlue will stick with its grow-it-alone strategy, which is a smart move given American's challenges and poor track record when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.


Gogo still in the red although Wi-Fi sales and installations growing

Gogo’s latest IPO amendment shows Wi-Fi installations and sales are growing, but it's troubling that the percentage of passenger firing up their their laptops to use Gogo's service remains flat and relatively low.


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The market likes that airlines are passing along fuel costs to consumers in ticket prices

Nobody likes a fare hike, but it's preferable to the shady practice of adding fuel surcharges that don't actually correspond to actual fuel charges.


Business travelers still use private jets to complement commercial schedules

Some business travelers afford the luxury reserved for last-minute meetings or short-distance jumps by buying a fractional ownership, although the indulgence can hurt execs’ image in a cash-strapped economy.


United Airlines joins three other airlines in support of sustainable biofuels

This group of airlines is working towards the commercialization of aviation biofuels, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10%, but it will need government support to offset costs of this expensive alternative.


Thousands of Kingfisher Airlines employees have resigned in the past year

It's no surprise workers started abandoning the struggling airline even before it stopped paying employees, but they've also created a surplus of talent in an unstable market with no promise of new jobs.


JetBlue fined $90K for 2.5 hour gate delay infraction

JetBlue's 2007 string of delays have gone into business history books as one of the biggest corporate PR disasters. Clearly, the lesson here is more nuanced: over communication, way better than under comunication.


Lufthansa and airport operator sue trade union over Frankfurt airport strikes

Lufthansa is expanding its dispute with the union representing airfield workers at Frankfurt Airport beyond the bargaining table and into the courts. Don't expect labor peace to break out over the issues anytime soon.


How people who don’t pay ancillary fees end up paying anyway

Who said only the people who pay fees are hit by them? The extra few inches in premium economy come from somewhere, and the the longer lines at TSA checkpoints slow down everyone.


LAN is self-conscious about its image — and that’s a good thing

All LAN aircraft are inspected for cleanliness in a rare effort by an airline to improve the travel experience. With fee revenue often the focus, airlines can at least pay more attention to the passenger experience.