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We don't know how the trademarks will be used. But we're intrigued by names like Xaynor, Zardun and Aquellum.

Saudi Arabia’s Neom keeps announcing new hotel projects, and more are possible based on our review of pending trademarks applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Are you ready for Xaynor, Zardun and Aquellum? Those are just some of the trademarks Neom has recently applied for.

Neom is a developing region in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, about the size of 10 Hong Kongs and the most visible effort by the kingdom to build up its tourism economy. 

We don’t know how it will all turn out. Construction has started on some projects, but the goals are lofty. New projects get announced with renderings of hotels to-be.  

Current projects include Trojena, Saudi’s snowy ski retreat hosting the Asia Winter Games in 2029; luxury yachting destination Sindalah, which opens next year, and a floating-on-water logistics hub called Oxagon.

There are trademark applications for two most recent announcements – Leyja (a sustainable and eco-tourism hub) and Epicon (beach clubs and boutique shops).

After Neom announced Leyja, it filed for trademarks for a flurry of other names and symbols.

All the trademarks were filed between October 10 and 18 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Each filing says the trademarks are pending and they have also been filed in the UK and EU trademark offices, as well as Oman. The “trademark purpose” for each says they are for “hotel services,” “booking of temporary accommodation,” and range of other hospitality-related services.

It’s unclear how – or if – Neom will use these names and Neom declined to comment for this story.

The full list of trademarks:

  • Utamo
  • Gidori
  • Xaynor
  • Jaumur
  • Zardun
  • Norlana
  • Aquellum
  • Siranna
  • Elanan
  • Treyam
  • Epicon (Announced)
  • Leyja (Announced)

When Neom announced Leyja and Epicon, the projects received their own symbols, which appear on the Neom website and in promotional videos. Neom also filed 10 other symbols.

The last two symbols are for Leyja and Epicon, respectively, with Epicon’s symbol matching up to its twin-tower hotel design.

While a trademark is pending, the applicant typically has some rights associated with the mark, but full protection is not granted until the registration process is successfully completed. Once the trademark is registered, the owner gains exclusive rights to use the mark in connection with the specified goods or services. It’s not uncommon for businesses to use a trademark with a pending application.

You can see all of Neom’s filings here, through the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. Here’s what we know about Neom properties already announced.

Leyja Hotels At Neom

Saudi’s Leyja project announced last month comprises three hotels with 40 keys each in the mountain area near the Gulf of Aqaba. Habitas has been confirmed as the operator, and its founder and CEO has promised he will create something people will flock to.

Leyja Saudi Arabia NEOM unveiled
A rendering of the three Leyja hotels. Supplied.

“Human connection is at the core of our brand and ethos,” said Habitas CEO Oliver Ripley, during a virtual press conference in the metaverse. “We want to send guests on a transformative journey and they are invited to attend a welcome ceremony. Really, the essence is about reconnecting with themselves, their loved ones and with new friends and people. It’s all about human connection.”

Epicon Hotels At Neom

The plan for Epicon, situated along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, comprises a select few hotels and restaurants, including two towers – one standing at 225 meters and the other soaring to 275 meters. These towers will host an “ultra-premium” 41-key hotel and 14 suites and apartments constituting luxury residences. Near the hotel, the Epicon resort offers 120 rooms and 45 residential beach villas. Neom has not disclosed the opening date or development cost. In addition to the accommodations, Epicon will encompass beach clubs, lounges, restaurants, and boutique shops.

A rendering of Epicon.
A rendering of Epicon. Supplied.

Other Neom Hotels

Marriott is expected to open three hotels in Sindalah next year, including an Autograph Collection hotel and two Luxury Collection hotels. Marriott made the announcement in March with the below rendering of Sindalah.

A Four Seasons is also earmarked for Sindalah, with no opening date. It was announced in April with the below render.

At Trojena, confirmed hotel partners include Ennismore with a 25hours hotel and a Morgan’s Original; Minor Hotels with an Anantara resort, Collective Retreats with its brand, and GHM with its Chedi brand. None of them were announced with firm opening dates.

Below is a rendering of The Chedi hotel.

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Photo credit: A rendering of Epicon. Source: Neom

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