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Guest-facing tech has gained popularity over the last few years, especially due to its contactless capabilities. While there is a lot of investment in this landscape and growing interest from hoteliers and guests, it is still largely in its infancy with a lot of potential to grow.

The guest-facing tech solutions facilitate efficient operations by taking over mundane tasks and if deployed correctly help achieve greater guest satisfaction. Most of these tech solutions pre-date the pandemic. However, the adoption of guest-facing tech gained momentum during this period due to its contactless capabilities. 

In our new report, Hotel Tech Benchmark: Guest-Facing Tech 2022, we provide an overview of the market penetration of guest-facing tech in hospitality, estimating the total market size and revenue potential of the space across categories such as guest apps and in-room tech, virtual concierge, guest messaging tools and chatbots, digital check-in, and keyless entry. We also offer a list of top vendors for each of these categories.

Skift Research analysis shows that guest-facing tech in the hospitality industry has the potential to become a $6 billion tech category. 

Guest Facing Tech Market Penetration

Guest apps is the most popular category with the highest market penetration. Messaging tools, chatbots, and in-room tablets too are categories that are at the top of the list of tech investment in hotels. Guest-facing tech, while popular, is still a major growth area in the hospitality sector.

What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • Total revenue potential of guest-facing tech solutions
  • Revenue distribution for guest-facing tech vendors
  • Current and future growth potential of each tech category expressed in USD
  • Total market penetration for each tech category 
  • Total market penetration for vendors under each tech category basis total number of hotels and hotel rooms they service

This is the latest in a series of reports and data products that Skift Research puts out. The Hotel Tech Benchmark is a data product exclusively available to our Research subscribers, offering insights in market sizes, revenue streams, and vendor landscapes for the major hotel tech categories.

After you subscribe to Skift Research you will gain access to our entire vault of reports conducted on topics ranging from technology to marketing strategy to deep dives on key travel brands. You will also be able to access our proprietary Skift Recovery Index and Skift Health Score data and reports.


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