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There are so many technologies that can and will impact the travel industry, but it's hard to poke through all the hype and see what will fundamentally change the future of travel. We investigate four technology buckets with the largest potential.

As travel comes to a standstill, now might be the right time to take stock of your product and service offerings, consider longer-term investments, and reinvent your brand. The latest Skift Research report looks at the latest developments in the tech world, and how these will impact travel over the coming years.

We are hopeful that the latest research report, Emerging Tech in Travel 2020, helps industry professionals to use the current uncertain times to start thinking more holistically about their product offering and how this will evolve over the coming years.

The report investigates: 1) artificial intelligence, with a deep dive into natural language processing through voice assistants, as well as computer vision used for facial recognition and self-driving cars; 2) hyperconnectivity, with a focus on cloud computing, 5G, and the internet of things; 3) spatial computing, investigating the potential of virtual and augmented reality technologies; and finally 4) distributed ledger technology, discussing the potential of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

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What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • Descriptions of four technology buckets, explaining what the fuss is all about, and how they work.
  • Current applications by startups and incumbent players of these emerging technologies.
  • Timescales highlighting if and when the impact of these technologies will be felt in the travel industry.
  • The potential for a transformative impact, focused on and split by travel verticals and the different customer journey stages.
  • Shortcomings of each technology that need to be overcome for wider adoption and to reach their full potential.

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