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Skift needs your support. As a company in travel, Skift is in the eye of this Category-10 storm while also covering the story nonstop, 24/7. Our team of journalists and analysts are doing the best work of their lifetimes at a time when information is needed the most in the sector we have dedicated the last decade of our business to.

Our reporters are writing original stories, analysis, and opinion you won’t find anywhere else. Our very active Coronavirus Liveblog has become the travel industry’s go-to resource in these times. Readers also see our efforts in our daily stories, in our Research insights, through the brilliant minds at Skift Airline Weekly, and through EventMB for the badly hit events sector. Judging from the deluge of feedback we are getting, our work is being appreciated by everyone in travel and by everyone outside looking at the travel sector.

I wrote this essay over the weekend and even since then the world has changed. And this change has been dramatically worse for the travel sector.

Our clear-eyed, level-headed, expansive and expert journalism is needed the most NOW. Travel is the most consequential industry in the world, as the world is now finding out due to lack of travel. Skift aims to be the most consequential company deciphering this and the path ahead.

But to do that, we need your support.

Many readers have reached out to us, asking if they can support our journalism. We are humbled by this, and have decided to begin accepting contributions, however big or small.

As a small business that employees about 60 full-time employees — and until last week many freelancers around the world — our business is hit because travel is hit, and because our partners across the industry are hit. Our events business, which is 40 percent of our revenues, is as impacted as is anyone else’s in the events world.

No governments are coming to bail out small businesses, or if they come, they would come too late. So as a fiercely independent company, we are making and will continue to make our own way in this turbulent world.

That’s why I’m asking Skift readers to consider supporting us with a one-time or recurring contribution. You can do that here.

We promise to continue what we have done for nearly a decade: be curious about travel’s place in the world, continue to ask the hard questions, and constantly come up with new ways of looking at the world of travel.

That is the essence of Skift: curiosity about the world around us, and looking at it through the lens of travel.

Support independent journalism and research in the world’s most consequential sector by supporting Skift. The sector deserves the serious and sustained coverage we provide.

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