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This week in tourism, careers can be demanding — that's just a fact — and for those working in the nonstop travel industry, a burnout is even more likely to happen. Meanwhile, cruises will grow in spite of any recession, or at least that's what two top cruising executives think.

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Battling Executive Burnout in the 24/7 Travel Business: Burnout is everywhere in our precarious global economy, but it’s especially pronounced in the travel and hospitality industry. Knowing the reasons why can help prevent it from taking over.

Rest Easy, Travel Advisors — Cruises Are Recession Resistant: World Travel Holdings Co-CEO: Executives at World Travel Holdings, a major cruise distributor, are confident that cruises will only grow in importance to travel advisors, pointing to consumer trends and changing demographics. Given the value cruises provide, the executives also believe they are the most recession-proof form of travel.

How Cruises Will Drive Even More of Travel Advisor Sales: World Travel Holdings has emerged as a powerhouse, particularly in the cruise sector. While strengthening its presence in other sectors, the company’s top executives say that cruises will only get stronger as a revenue source for travel advisors.

Can Luxury and Green Travel Comfortably Coexist? As conferences like ILTM get larger — and concepts like luxury and sustainability infiltrate more sectors and price points of the travel industry — it can start to feel like the overuse of these terms is a red flag of sorts.

Niche Luxury Travel Boom Creates Demand for Exclusive Trade Shows: Luxury travel during the past decade has taken off exponentially, driven by growing wealth around the world. It’s a natural progression that niche trade shows are popping up to cater to the demand.

Surge in Experiential Luxury Travel Drives Growth in Boutique Trade Shows: The recent development of high-end niche travel marketplaces demonstrates that luxury travel is expanding in depth, breadth, and focus.

Business Travelers With Disabilities Face a Pervasive Lack of Accessibility: Despite the growing number of people with disabilities in the United States, it’s still a challenge to find clear information about accessibility while traveling. This may make traveling so difficult for employees with disabilities that many choose to do it as little as possible.

Business Travel Is Becoming a Bigger Obstacle for Employees with Disabilities: The number of people with disabilities in the U.S. is growing as the population ages, and accessibility is becoming an increasingly important issue for travel companies.

What to Watch Out for in the 2020 Travel Economy: New Skift Research: We head into 2020 with more question marks than any year of this cycle. Risks are rising and the global economy is slowing. Here’s what you need to know to be prepared.

Managing a Wolf Sanctuary Means Animals — Not Visitors — Are the Boss: Tourists are welcome to visit Wolf Haven International in Washington state, but the needs of the sanctuary’s residents — which include two species of wolves, wolf-dogs, and coyotes — are always prioritized. The sanctuary’s co-manager Pamela Maciel Cabañas is devoted to making sure that happens.

Retailers Use Fitness Perks to Woo Customers: To get customers in the door, retailers — whether grocery stores or athleisure brands — are offering fitness classes. It’s not a bad idea considering the popularity of working out these days, combined with the struggles of brick-and-mortar.

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Photo credit: With punishing schedules, business travel executives are more likely to burn out, especially in the 24/7 travel industry. Saulo Mohana / Unsplash

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