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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism trends.

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Club Med Will Expand Into New Market With First South Africa Resort: Club Med has finally committed to long-overdue expansion into sub-Saharan Africa. It’s good news for South Africa’s tourism prospects and introduces the brand to an untapped African market.

Genting Builds Cruise Fleet With Ambitions Beyond Asian Waters: Genting unlocked Asia’s cruise market 25 years ago. It would be a shame if it does not get a chunk of what’s now a significant source of tourism revenue. The company is making all the right moves, including plans to go global. Asians are always seeking new products and new places.

Fosun Exec Does Not Rule Out Buying Thomas Cook: Fosun says a major path to its future is through acquisitions. But Qian Jiannong wouldn’t tip his hand on Thomas Cook. It sure feels like a bigger deal is in the works.

Plastics Are the ‘Scourge of the Earth’: The Travel Corporation CEO: Travel executives sure like to talk the talk when it comes to eliminating plastics. TTC CEO Brett Tollman aims to be more than a talker.

Why Luxury Travel Purveyors Should Pay Attention to Generation Z: While most members of Generation Z have yet to make a substantial income, they are having unexpected influence over family travel decisions. That’s why travel marketers need to start paying attention to this new generation of consumers. Sorry, millennials.

How Generation Z Has Influence on High-End Vacations: The next big demographic cohort matters, but maybe not in the way you’d expect.

Incentive Travel Yields New Opportunities for Leisure Advisors: While incentive travel is most often handled by travel management companies, it can also be a good fit for leisure travel advisors, especially those accustomed to working with high-end clients and those who make good use of outsourcing. While there are major differences between incentive and leisure travel, some of the same principles apply.

Can Leisure Advisors Crack the Incentive Travel Market? For leisure travel advisors, especially those already accustomed to providing concierge-style services, expanding into incentive travel could be a realistic goal. With help from outsourcing services, even small agencies can handle the complexities involved.

Photo Credit: Club Med is finally expanding into sub-Saharan Africa. Cape Town is pictured here. Dean Hutton / Bloomberg