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Our new expanded vision: to be *the* most influential information company in the business of leisure, with travel + dining + wellness as the best lens to look at the modern consumer.

Six years into our Skift journey, we are now in what we call our Young Adult Years. A few big questions we have been spending a lot of time on: how do we keep innovating; how do we stay creative, and fresh as we grow into the next five to six years? This is what we have come up with: Innovation for us means constantly creating new ways of looking at the world. That is why you see us constantly launching new things.

As part of that mandate, we have four exciting announcements that build on our new ways of looking at the world, the next phase of Skift.

  • Welcoming Airline Weekly to the Family: We are delighted to announce today that we are deepening our franchise in the airlines sector by acquiring the 14-year old newsletter Airline Weekly and its related assets.
  • Introducing Skift Wellness: Covering the Business of Modern Wellness: Today, Skift is launching Skift Wellness, covering the business of modern wellness through a lens of marketing, strategy and tech, the same lens we use for the travel and dining sectors. The Skift Wellness Weekly newsletter, our launch product, will be a curated brief of what’s happening in the wellness world, from a global business standpoint.
  • Introducing the Skift Foundation: Supporting the Promise of Travel Through Our Expertise: We’re delighted to announce today that we’re forming the Skift Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit corporate giving arm of Skift focused on providing services and monetary grants to the under-resourced destinations, organizations, and small businesses in the global travel and hospitality sectors worldwide.
  • Expanding Into Asia With New Hires, Asia Forum: Our Asia expansion is starting in earnest. Now. We have hired our first head of sales in Asia, in Singapore, Joey Kukielka, and we are close to hiring an Asia editor to start daily coverage of the travel sector in Asia. We are also launching Skift Forum Asia in Singapore on May 27th next year, before ILTM Asia, an official partner of ours.

This is our expanded vision: to be the most influential business information company in the business of leisure. We already are the most influential business information company in travel, we are on our way in the business of dining and we are just starting in the business of wellness. We have always said from the start that we are fanatically focused on the changing consumer behavior, and we think the lens of travel+dining+wellness is the best lens to look at the modern consumer.

Here’s to the next six years, thanks for coming along with us on this journey.

Rafat Ali
CEO & Founder, Skift
[email protected]



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