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Skift today not only celebrates its sixth anniversary, but also the business strategy that allows us to mark this landmark date. Half of all startups fail after five years, and nobody should be surprised by that. But at Skift, we try to embrace a patience across the company that is a rarity in an era of instant gratification.

To pay tribute to this long view, we are offering you a digital book, “For The Long Haul, Lessons on Business Longevity,” which chronicles the paths of six companies around the world that have endured.

Read About the Secrets to Business Longevity in Skift’s New Book, “For the Long Haul.”

Chapters cover Japan’s iconic rail systems, a national point of pride that faces fresh challenges; The Oberoi Group’s history and return from tragedy; and Southwest Airlines’ evolution from disruptor to major player. We also take an illustrated approach to Expedia’s journey to online travel powerhouse; explain the ubiquity (but also, in some countries, anonymity) of Italy’s Autogrill; and look at how South by Southwest turned Austin, Texas into an annual meeting place for creatives and tech-savvy types.

Our Founder and CEO Rafat Ali delivers the introductory memo that explains Skift’s “Radical New Business Model” that has guided the company and its unique culture on this six-year journey.

The book has been two years in the making, the result of work by Skift’s editorial, design and development staff, and by a team of freelancers who researched the histories of these iconic brands, and drew lessons from their business journeys. We hope the stories of these companies, and of our company, resonate with you. Happy reading.

Click here to read Skift’s New Book, “For the Long Haul.”

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