During our upcoming webinar: Reimagining Extended Stay: The Bold New World of 7+ Nights, we’ll examine extended stay accommodations for business travelers, a sector that is in the midst of the most significant business shift in its history. Thanks to the rising popularity of the sharing economy, shifting company perceptions, and changing business traveler needs, interest in and demand for 7+ night accommodation options has never been greater.

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The growing demand for extended stay properties has also created challenges. For business travel managers, there have been historic concerns related to the quality, safety, curation, and ease of booking such properties. Meanwhile, for the suppliers of extended stay inventory, there are questions about how to properly merchandise their products and to ensure they are reaching the right audience of corporate decision-makers.

How is the extended stay sector evolving to address the needs of these two stakeholders? And how is technology helping to transform the way extended stay inventory is booked, managed, distributed, and personalized?

In this upcoming SkiftX Webinar, members of the Skift team will be joined by Bridgestreet’s CEO & President Sean Worker along with Head of Technology Aaron Turner, for a lively conversation about the opportunities and challenges in the rapidly evolving extended stay category.


  • Corporate travel managers who want to learn how extended stay properties can help them satisfy the needs of employees and company policy at the same time.
  • Property managers and owners of extended stay residences who want to increase their visibility with corporate travel decision makers.


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