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>>Low-fare airlines got there first. Now, big carriers are launching basic economy fares across the Atlantic. Expect some confusion as their customers figure out the rules: One Fallout From Long-Haul Battle on Airfares: No Free Checked Bag

>>Tag flights — when an airline lands in one international city and then almost immediately takes off for another — are disappearing from aviation as more airlines launch ultra-long-haul nonstops that make the stop unnecessary. But Qantas will probably keep its Los Angeles-New York nonstop for awhile: Why Qantas Flies a Nonstop Every Day Between New York and Los Angeles

>>It’s nice to see Alaska Air’s CEO saying all the right things about preventing sexual assault and harassment. Now let’s see if the new training and procedures actually work: Alaska Airlines CEO Outlines New Measures to Prevent Sexual Harassment

>>The conventional wisdom is that airline passengers will do anything to save a buck. That’s often true, but not always. Southwest has recently added more flights that depart before 6 a.m. and arrive after 10 p.m., and its load factor has suffered: Southwest Tries to Do More With Less Because of a Temporary Aircraft Shortage

>>A new series of fares just launched by Air Canada should make it easier for discerning travelers to pick the fare that suits them best – as long as they’re willing to pay for it: Air Canada Launches New Economy Fares to Compete With Low-Cost Carriers

Photo Credit: Qantas Airways is one of many carriers looking at improvements to the ultra-long-haul experience. Bloomberg