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Millennials are more frugal when traveling for business than their older coworkers. Who would have thought — and who knows how long that will last?

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Dealing with the habits of millennials, particularly their penchant for ignoring corporate travel policy and booking whatever they want, is a big challenge for travel managers.

New research on business travel spending from Concur, however, shows that millennial travel patterns are actually a bit more conservative than older workers.

Concur’s research shows that younger travelers spend 18 percent less overall than workers aged 35 to 65 on dining, entertainment, and hotel bookings. Millennials spend less, in particular, when traveling to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Strangely, millennials spend 3 percent more than older generations on hotel expenses, but that increase is offset strongly by savings on other aspects of their trips. (Speaking as a millennial who travels for business, I suspect this has something to do with purchasing Wi-Fi access for multiple devices, or high-speed access).

In other news, we got a briefing last week from Uber on their ambitions for a revamped Uber for Business platform. They’ve listened to their customers and created tools for travel managers to better manage business traveler spending.

We also take a look at what recent changes to hotel chain cancellation policies mean for business travel, and why hotel CEOs remain bullish on corporate travel growth.

— Andrew Sheivachman, Senior Writer 

Business of Buying

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Disruption + Innovation

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