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This seems like a mutually beneficial partnership, but are both organizations prepared to tackle any regulatory challenges that as they try to expand Airbnb's reach? And will they be contributing more to gentrification in certain neighborhoods?

The NAACP is teaming up with Airbnb to encourage more minorities to rent out their homes through the short-term rental service.

The groups say in a statement that the “landmark partnership” includes a campaign to educate people of color on the economic benefits of being a host and bringing more travelers into their neighborhoods.

The groups say the NAACP will get 20 percent of the earnings Airbnb receives as a result of their new efforts.

[Skift Editor’s Note: The 20 percent will come from new hosts who join the platform as part of the NAACP’s community outreach programs to encourage more hosts from communities of color to join Airbnb.]

NAACP’s interim president and CEO Derrick Johnson says the partnership will bring jobs and economic opportunities to communities of color.

Johnson says minority communities have “faced barriers to access new technology and innovations” for too long.

The announcement comes nearly a year after Airbnb pledged to address accusations that hosts were discriminating against minority guests.

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Photo credit: An Airbnb Trips host in Harlem in New York City. Airbnb and the NAACP have teamed to encourage more communities of color throughout the U.S. to join the platform as hosts. Airbnb