A small village in northern Romania is reveling in the virtual attention caused by a spelling mistake by U.S. rapper Snoop Dogg.

Posting a selfie on Instagram, the rapper who has been on tour in Bogota, Colombia, told his fans he was in Bogata, in Transylvania.

Romanians soon spotted the mistake and began posting about it. A tourist website, visitbogata.com, also popped up, describing the village of 2,000 as the “best place for chillin’ in Romania.”

There’s no hotel in the village, so visitors are advised to bring a sleeping bag. If they get hungry they can feast on a twist of the famous Hungarian goulash.

“It was a mistake but it’s a good advert for us,” Bogata mayor Laszlo Barta told The Associated Press Friday.

Photo Credit: Snoop Dogg is shown at the 2016 All Def Movie Awards in Los Angeles. While on tour in Bogota, Colombia, he spelled the city's name wrong in an Instagram post and drew attention to the village of Bogata, in Transylvania. Richard Shotwell / Invision/Associated Press