The Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association is donating money to expand a program that flies homeless people from Oahu to the mainland.

The group gave $25,000 to the Institute for Human Services to bring its homeless airline relocation program to Maui. The program could help 80 homeless people on Maui to reconnect with friends, family or service providers on the mainland.

Association president Mufi Hannemann said in a statement Wednesday homelessness is a statewide issue. He says the tourism industry wants to continue building on its successful homeless outreach programs in Waikiki.

In the past year the Institute for Human Services helped 335 homeless people leave Waikiki, relocating 115 people outside Hawaii and placing 139 in housing or shelters.

The tourism association also donated $100,000 Wednesday to continue outreach work in Waikiki.

Photo Credit: A homeless man sleeps on a park bench in Honolulu, Hawaii. Michael Coghlan / Flickr