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At least one of these startups should be fully integrated into every hotel if similar services already are not.

seedlingsA hotel has many moving parts that must all run competently for guests to be truly satisfied with their stays and one broken cog in the wheel exposes a litany of disorganization among staff. General managers are responsible for running their own staff and also ensuring that larger brand values and experiences are reflected in each and every stay, which requires time and attention. The following startups help general managers and staff with the organizational footwork involved with keeping hotel operations smooth and successful so they have more time to serve guests without worrying about those moving parts that don’t touch guests and shouldn’t interfere with the guest experience.

>>SubItUp helps provides hotel managers with an automated way to schedule full and part-time employees.

SkiftTake: With the often fast-paced environments many hotels experience, it’s surprising all large hotels don’t use programs like this to keep shift scheduling organized.

>>HotelKey helps general managers run a hotel by allowing them to view hotel stats on their mobile devices from anywhere, access housekeeping and repair staff workflow using smartphones and providing a commission-free mobile booking platform for guests.

SkiftTake: HotelKey helps general managers hold employees more accountable for their assigned tasks and ultimately makes jobs get done faster and keeps guests happier.

>>BrandMessenger is a team collaboration platform for restaurant, hospitality and retail workers to message their coworkers, trade and pick-up shifts, receive reminders and access company information from anywhere. The application is free for any employee to use and users can also plug-in their existing workflows or software solutions.

SkiftTake: Hotel employees need more tools to do their jobs efficiently and that starts with simple messaging software that they can use to communicate with each other.

>>TrakNProtect is an equipment-tracking solution that focuses on helping hospitality companies enhance customer experience by providing real-time locations of customer requested items on hotel property.

SkiftTake: Hopefully TrakNProtect is the solution we’ve been waiting for that helps guests’ requests get fulfilled more swiftly.

>>HotelFeedback helps hotel staff receive feedback and satisfaction ratings from guests, communicate with guests and also offers guests a social network for the hotel they’re staying at where they can message other guests for tips and advice.

SkiftTake: If there’s a way to help guests leave their satisfaction ratings and feedback for hotel staff during their stay when it’s fresh in their mind, we’re all for it.

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