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Lost in the haze of news about Jetblue luggage fees and new AmEx lounges last week was the latest chapter in the battle for more space at London’s Heathrow airport.

The problem, you’re recall, is that Heathrow has an embarrassingly low number of runways (2) for a world class airport — and that business travelers like you and me end up wasting precious time circling above London waiting for our turn to land.

Expansion so far has been hampered by grumpy neighbors who don’t want to give up space to the hemorrhaging airport. Prime Minister Cameron promises some sort of conclusion to the affair this year, although his earlier symbolic effort may foreshadow the results. At the very least, we’ll soon know whether Heathrow is a viable transit option.

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Third Heathrow runway to be disguised by cave mouth and collapsible palm trees

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Via one of my favorite writers Will McGrath, “A brilliant piece of longform journalism about…wait for it…bowling“.

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Photo Credit: Heathrow, Terminal 2A, top level entrance from vehicle drop-off point. Heathrow Airports Limited