Magaluf, the super popular Spanish resort notorious for the alcohol binges and drunken misbehavior of foreign tourists — mostly young Britons — is hoping a package of new municipal regulations will help clean up its image.

Top of the list are a bid to crack down on so-called “pub crawls” between bars, involving groups of 50 people or more; holidaymakers parading barely clad in the street; and people urinating in public in the resort located on Spain’s Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

Calvia, the town that governs Magaluf, issued the package of directives Tuesday, giving police the powers to break up groups drinking in public areas between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., and limiting the sale of alcohol to bars and restaurants between midnight and 8 a.m.

Holidaymakers not on the sea front or around pools must cover their torsos with T-shirts at least, while those caught urinating in public areas can face hefty fines.

Companies organizing pub crawls, in which groups of tourists pay a set fee to visit several bars in a row, will be allowed to run only one event a day and for a maximum of 20 people. Bars are also ordered to prevent clients taking drinks beyond the boundaries of their premises.

On Tuesday night, police patrolling the resort stopped people breaching the new laws but made no detentions. Many bar and shop owners said they were unhappy with the new restrictions as they feared they would affect their income.

The town hall said there will be an as-yet-unspecified period in which tourists will be informed of the regulations and during which fines, ranging from 750 to some 3,000 euros, will not be applied.

The town hall also hopes to curb “balconing,” in which some holidaymakers try to jump from apartment balconies into swimming pools, many suffering severe or fatal injuries.

Photo Credit: Revelers on a pub crawl across town. Associated Press