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Videos can only provide a glimpse into what cities offer, forcing destinations to cleverly select content that sets a strong sense of place while speaking to as broad an audience of potential visitors as possible.

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Original Shrewsbury

This adorable fast-paced ad features the shop owners, artisans and residents that make the Shrewsbury what it is. More destinations should focus on their local residents in tourism marketing as a desire for authentic experiences and interactions drive travelers’ decisions.

Czech Tourism

Czech Tourism recently published close to a dozen short films that provide snapshots into different areas of the city including Prague, Moravia, and Bohemia. Although not enough to drive inspiration for an entire trip, these snack-sized videos encourage pique travelers’ interests.

Travel Portland

Travel Portland embraces the city’s quirky reputation in all of its tourism marketing and this video is no different. This ad chronicles the city’s construction of a 24-foot-tall cuckoo clock that was placed in Seattle and Vancouver to encourage residents to take a quick trip to Portland.

Pure New Zealand

This beautiful 2-minute journey through New Zealand’s lakes and mountains is enough to make any viewer consider a trip. However, inspiration alone often isn’t enough for the island-country to get many travelers on the long flight down under.

Photo Credit: A snapshot from Czech Tourism's recent video about Prague. Czech Tourism / YouTube