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The San Francisco Bay Area is closer to adding thousands of more bikes to its bike-share program.

The San Jose Mercury News reports Wednesday that a regional transportation committee has voted to contract with a private company to provide the bikes by 2017.

The Bay Area now has about 700 bikes under a pilot program, with most in San Francisco. The expansion would increase the number to 7,000 bikes, including more than 4,000 in San Francisco.

Oakland and other parts of the East Bay would get about 1,300 bikes.

Riders would pay $149 a year for a pass, which allows pick up and drop off of bikes at set docks.

The bikes will be sea-foam green and five-speed.

The vote by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on Wednesday was unanimous.

Photo Credit: Promotional image from Motivate, which runs the bike-share program in San Francisco and other cities, including New York. Bay Area Bike Share