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Every week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top digital trends.

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>> U.S. airlines are hiding their fares and making price comparison harder for travelers: Online Travel Has Many Problems, and Everyone’s to Blame

>> Being transparent about performance metrics on both organic and paid videos should be a given: Twitter Video Falls Short on Performance Metrics for Travel Brands

>> Skift’s latest trends report shows how it shouldn’t be a surprise that connecting with this demographic can be challenging: How Travel Brands Try to Speak to the Silent Traveler

>> The “tale of two mobile users:” All Mobile Bookers Aren’t Created Equal, Priceline Official Says

>> How startups can shed the startup distinction: Interview: Gogobot CEO on the Secret to Travel Startup Survival

>> Travelers can now reach for their smartphones rather than the room phone for room service: The Hotel Smartphone App Will Control Room Service and Everything Else

>> This equals better business: High-Speed Wi-Fi on Connected Planes Will Fly Sooner Than You Think

Photo Credit: The "Wedding Above The Clouds with Turkish Airlines" YouTube video, which was uploaded as a link on Twitter Turkish Airlines