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Over the last year and a half, the Skift Trends Reports have become the defining word on trends across the global travel industry in a timely-yet-in-depth handy format, and now we are up to 40 reports in our archives.

In the coming months, our reports will span the gamut of digital marketing, strategy and technology subjects in all the sub-sectors of travel, including hospitality, and are an essentially read for the frontline business professionals in the sector.

Here is a list of the upcoming reports from Skift:

  • The Next Generation of Local Hospitality
  • Online Video Strategies for Travel Brands
  • The Rise of Millennial Business Traveler
  • The Vacation Rental Technology Ecosystem
  • Search Marketing Strategies for Travel Brands
  • The Future of Travel Media 2015
  • The Rise of Boutique Destinations
  • The Future of Tours and Activities Tech and Marketing
  • The Evolution of Online Reputation Management
  • Venture Investment Trends In The Travel Industry 2015
  • State of Online & Mobile Ad Tech In Travel 2015
  • The State of Mobile Booking 2016
  • The Changing Business of Selling Luxury Travel
  • Mobile App Strategies For Consumer Travel Brands
  • The State of Millennial Marketing In Travel 2015
  • Social Media Customer Service Strategies for Travel Brands 2015
  • The Rise of On Demand Economy in Travel
  • The Rise of Messaging Apps And Effects In Travel

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