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This week’s featured brands hone in on a specific element of the experience they offer and play up that part as a way to attract new customers.

Visit Holland

Visit Holland‘s new spot features its beaches, one of its assets that foreign travelers often don’t consider in comparison to the country’s art and cities.

Enjoy Illinois

This is one of the quirkiest ad campaigns that we’ve seen from a tourism board. Enjoy Illinois encourages visitors to indulge the little voice in their head urging them try something new and that that something can happen in Illinois.

Madrid Tourism

Madrid Tourism and the FC Real Madrid collaborate on this short spot that aims to highlight the attractions of Madrid, however, ends up focusing more on the players than city. They drop their afternoons shopping and eating to rush to practice only to be told that their coach is going to continue enjoying the day while they start running. A cute quick ad that highlights Madrid’s greatest asset.

United Airlines

United Airlines urges passengers to make the most of their journey while simultaneously boasting its Wi-Fi, onboard power outlets, and in-flight entertainment. This fast-paced spot almost makes the viewer believe that they will make it through their daunting stack of work rather than succumb to a movie marathon.

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Photo Credit: FC Real Madrid players star in a Madrid Tourism ad. Madrid Tourism / YouTube