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Travel brands can no longer compete as sole service providers, which is why recognizing their roots — whether it’s the city they come from or the employees that ground them — is becoming the most popular marketing ploy in the game.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines creates a visual tribute to architect Mimar Sinan with a 5-minute video comprised completely of Istanbul’s famous minarets. The combination of the time-lapse technique and aerial perspective creates a captivating video despite its relatively steady and slow pace.

Creating destination-specific content helps the airlines’ customers draw parallels between the city’s beauty and the carrier’s values.

Visit Peru

A recent Visit Peru ad created for the UK market positions Peru as the place where we can shed our daily personas for our true selves. Subtle decisions made throughout the video’s production, including the different types of travelers highlighted and the activities they partake in when they arrive, boost its overall efficiency.

Visit Croatia

Quick and to the point is sometimes the best course of action. Visit Croatia sells its sunshine, sea and outdoor activities in just 20 seconds and leaves viewers wanting more at the end.

Southwest Airlines

U.S. airlines are rarely the object of praise today making Southwest Airlines employees’ tributes to their employer all the more meaningful. Despite flyers’ complaints and bad behavior, there are real people on the end of the phone or either side of the desk and remembering what that they also have a job to do should help ease frustration.

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Photo Credit: Turkish Airlines creates a tribute to Istanbul's beautiful architecture. Turkish Airlines / YouTube