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A fully unified loyalty program between American Airlines and US Airways is finally on the way.

I know, I know, you’re beside yourself with excitement, but there’s plenty to look forward to in the new joint program. No longer will you need to worry about accruing elite status on one carrier or the other — within 30 days, elite and flown miles will be integrated into the AAdvantage program. As for upgrades and may other parts of the separate programs combined, well, that may take a few months.

If you haven’t started the process yet, now’s a good time to log into your AA or US account and link your programs. From here on out, the programs will quickly knit together.

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LCCs gonna LCC. RT @airlineroute: Air Transat says it plans to increase capacity on A330-300 aircraft, from 345 to 375

– @thatjohn | John Walton, Airline and Travel Writer



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Our congratulations to travel pioneer and Fortnighter Alex Basek on getting over 529 rewtweets on his photo of a box of cereal.

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Photo Credit: American's AAdvantage program is about to formally US Airways members. American Advantage