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This Monday’s Business Traveler newsletter was almost delayed because the Skift corporate jet spent a large part of the morning circling above London’s Heathrow Airport. It’s a pretty common occurrence for business travelers in Heathrow — if your flight gets in two minutes early, one minute late or is subject to any sort of inconsistency in its flight plan, you’re going to end up circling over downtown London.

Why so much circling? Because Heathrow, the biggest hub through which all UK flights connect and the arguable front door to the region’s economy only has two runways.

San Francisco has four. So does JFK and Frankfurt. Atlanta has five and O’Hare has something like 40. Even freaking Cleveland has three runways, and they lost their city status ten years ago.

Heathrow’s expansion, as you guessed, has been mired in politics. On one side, the vast majority knows that economic growth comes from the basic ability to let people into your country. But a strong rebel faction wants to cut down on noise and any further construction.

To me, both sides look too far beyond the basic of need of today’s business traveler: We just can’t get in to Heathrow on time. Fix that, then worry about politics later.

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Circling the air above heathrow is like a slow flush down the aviation loo.

@mbushong | Michael Bushong



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