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Back when I used to fly exclusively on Northwest Airlines, my first taste of price gouging at LAX involved an ill attempt to buy a value meal at Burger King — only twelve dollars for a simple meal.

Airport shops have been gouging for so long that it’s almost a joke among the travel community. “Forty dollars for a car wash? What is this, LAX?” “Eight thousand dollars for a crown? Is your dentist working at LAX?” You get the picture.

Retailers, of course, deny any wrongdoing, though that may be harder given the current spat between Kitson stores and the Hudson Group, two operations that run airport convenience stores in LAX and across the country. Among the mudslinging, Kitson is now claiming the Hudson has been gouging passengers on water, charging an egregious five dollars per bottle.

You could be disgusted, like me, or you could start bringing your own water bottle like my always-prepared girlfriend. I’d suggest adopting the latter strategy.

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My $9.27 turkey and cheddar sandwich from lax. Thanks for not price gouging @Starbucks #depressingasitlooks

@laurastampler, Reporter at TIME



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A very special birthday to Brian Kelly, aka The Points Guy who turned 32 late last week. Keep on traveling, Brian.


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Photo Credit: The Encounter restaurant at LAX airport. J Brew / Flickr