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Every week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top tourism trends.

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>> North American DMOs are starting to shift content marketing efforts to the meeting side: The Meetings Industry Turns to Content Marketing to Get Ahead

>> New Zealand knows its niche: Interview: Tourism New Zealand CEO on Smarter Digital Marketing

>> The scores for non-Muslim countries aren’t exactly fantastic for Muslim travelersGlobal Muslim Travel Index Ranks Singapore and Malaysia as Top Destinations

>> It doesn’t look like we’ll see the pressure hose turned on any time soon: Current U.S. Interest in Cuba Travel Is a Trickle Rather Than a Wave

>> The tourism industry can become a powerful force if it works together to combat the risks that poaching poses towards economic growth: Wildlife Safaris at Risk From Africa’s Growing Poaching Problem

>> Check out the destinations with the most expensive nightly hotel room rates: Punta Cana Beats London for Most Expensive Hotels for U.S. Travelers in 2014

>> The list is also packed with 10 destinations high on many travelers’ wish lists: Singapore Tops the Economist’s List As the World’s Costliest City

>> Cape Town’s thinking smart about the assets it has in order to grab the share of visitors it thinks it deserves: Interview: Cape Town Tourism CEO on Data-Driven Destination Marketing

>> The amount of time and procedure it took to make it happen highlights the achilles heel of the destination marketing industry: How California Doubled Its Tourism Budget to More Than $100 Million

>> Eat your way through Skift’s FREE trends report, “The Rise of Food Tourism:” How the Rise of Digital Media Drove Food Culture and Tourism

>> Vague intentions and a lack of transparency have helped it sink into insignificance: The New 7 Wonders Marketing Campaign Loses Its Sense of Wonder

Photo Credit: Columbia, SC is duplicating the drama and energy of its leisure destination content for the meetings portal beginning this year. Columbia SC CVB