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This week’s travel ads are portraits of emotions rather than movement. A sense of adventure or camaraderie take center stage and the sponsor takes a back seat, happy to have its brand associated with the situations it portrays.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines‘ new ad follows a man through joys and frustrations of a business trip in a foreign country. It then positions itself as the first step of the journey home, a sort of safe haven where a business traveler can relax in familiar settings as their trip comes to an end.

NYC & Company

NYC & Company recently rebranded its Neighborhood x Neighborhood campaign as NYCGO Insider Guides. The first neighborhood featured in the rebranded series is the East Village. The video includes interviews with local business owners and quick snapshots of city life that try to communicate the history and current culture of the area.

Visit Finland

Visit Finland takes viewers on a mini vacation to the Finnish archipelago where it follows a group of friends’ camping trip. The crew hikes, fishes, kayaks and builds a campfire to a soothing soundtrack. The beautiful and calming visuals are enough to convince any curious traveler to look up a flight to Finland.

Visit Scotland

Visit Scotland gets creative with its latest video that positions the viewer or visitor as the star of their own movie set on the Isle of Skye. The dramatic concept comes as part of the promotion of the islands in coordination with a new Skylanders video game whose backdrop is based on Skye.


This TUI ad created by AvL Brand Consulting recently came online although it could use some editing. The ad subtlety ties the concept of a “smile” to the trips and services that TUI provides, however, it tried to cram in too many examples to prove its point and ends up confuses, rather than invigorating, viewers.

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Photo Credit: Visit Finland captures an outdoor camping trip in its latest ad. Visit Finland / YouTube