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One of the biggest headaches of flying into New York City from the west coast is having to deal with either Newark or JFK. Both are crazy far from Manhattan and lack the real convenience of LaGuardia — but since 1984 there has been a perimeter rule in effect preventing transcontinental flights from landing at the smaller airport.

This year, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, an organization that’s as notable for its political cronyism is it is its abysmal planning, says it is thinking of dropping that rule, allowing flights from west coast cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to finally approach LaGuardia. The folks over at Airways News further speculate on whether the relaxed rules could ever apply to D.C.’s Reagan, though there’s less momentum behind that effort, and there are more political concerns, too.

Neither deal is anywhere close to complete (and D.C.’s is little more than a pipedream) but a tired business traveler can hope.

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The LGA perimeter rule is one of those things done just to mess with travelers, like the Port Authority or no subway access. Fun, eh?


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