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We have been pretty hot on the potential of drone videos for travel, and from the dead of the winter comes a frozen beauty to illustrate that.

Igor Byrko, a filmmaker based in Moscow, has released a new drone video he shot in January in the Lofoten archipelago in Norway, high up in the Arctic Circle.

The result: a stunning peek into a frozen-peaks laden landscape in winter, enough to want to visit, but probably not until it thaws. Lofoten islands have a big tourist circuit coming to look for Northern Lights and the islands rewards visitors aplenty during the right season.

Shortest daylight hours and strong wind – it’s a Lofoten Islands in January.
Filmed with multicopter and GoPro 3+ BE.
Film locations: Å, Moskenes, Reine, Hamnøy, Kubbholmleia near the Fredvang, Bøvatnet lake, Gimsøystraumen Bridge, Steinøya near the Henningsvær, Svolvær, Sildpollnes Church, Kinnarvika, Holdøya, Storvatnet lake, Duorggajávri lake.

This latest one follows a similar drone video Igor shot in Iceland and released six months ago, embedded below:

Photo Credit: The drone video over Lofoten, Norway.